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56K Fax Modem

Most 56k modems today have fax capability, DSL and cable modems do not have fax capabilities!

A modem, or modulator/demodulator, lets your computer exchange information across telephone lines with another modem. It does this by converting a computer's digital signal to an analog signal that can travel over phone lines and then converting the signal back to the digital form a computer can understand. Some modems can exchange data only; others, called fax/modems, can send and receive fax messages. Other modems add voice capabilities, letting you record messages on your computer.

Modems are available in internal and external versions. An external modem, the easiest to install, connects to a port on the back of your computer and sits on your desk. If you'd rather save the port (and desk space), you can install an internal modem, which is contained on an expansion card. (An expansion card provides additional features for your computer and plugs into a narrow socket inside the computer, called an expansion slot.)

Your faxmodem can share a line with a voice phone--but the faxmodem cannot tell the difference between voice and fax/data on incoming calls. To share a line, plug the phone into the "PHONE" connector on the faxmodem.

Beyond hardware connections, there are other steps you can take to ensure good modem performance. One thing to remember: Once you install your modem, you generally shouldn't have to mess with it again.

Fax modems cost from about $14.00 to $100.00 Click here for a list of modems and pricing options.

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