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Fax Server Software

Network TotalFax 8.0 allows you to send and receive faxes in a corporate network environment, using only 1 phone line. Add the power of sending faxes from each desktop without having to install additional fax lines and modems to your office now! State-of-the art TCP/IP means you can send faxes using Network TotalFax 8.0 from anywhere on your network, even from home when you are logged on to your corporate network!

Network Total Fax 7.0 Server Software does everything you ever wanted for your fax needs for small businesses. It sends a fax from any windows application, receives faxes, you can do fax broadcasting. You can even E-mail a fax, great for when you want to email your documents but don't want the sender to be able to change them!

All these features are available on the Fax server software as well as on the workstations.

You install the Fax Server software on 1 computer in your network with a modem.
On all the other computers you only need to install the Total Fax Workstation.

All workstations communicate with the Fax server via TCP/IP, there is no need to share directories, so there are no sacrifices to made to your network security.

Save on modems and internal phone lines with this solid product. 

Because we use TCP/IP you can even check the status of your faxes when you are on the other side of the world!!!!!

Every user can log in on every workstation. You can install the workstation on as many machines as you want. When you log in your personal send-log with up-to-date status of your faxes will be retrieved from wherever you are.

Some of the impressive features of NetWork Total Fax 7.0
  • The client runs on Windows 98 and upwards.
  • Only 1 phone line is needed to send faxes from all work stations. The central server takes care of the scheduling, this means you need no modem in each computer and also no extra internal phone lines!
  • The server uses TAPI to talk to the modem, so you can leave Network Total Fax running while connecting to the internet etc. Never miss any incoming faxes because you forgot to turn on your fax program!
  • Network Total Fax 7.0 works on virtually any fax modem that is supported by Windows XP or later OS.
  • You can send a fax straight away, or at a later time. Save money to do it when the long distant charges are cheaper!
  • Simple broadcast a fax to a group of people!
  • E-Mail your fax! this way you can email a document, while the other party cannot change it!
  • Neat easy interface, so it takes virtually no space on your screen!
  • Workstation and Server communicate via TCP/IP, so no need to share directories.

  A small selection of a huge range of applications you can use Network Total Fax Server Software for!
  • You only have 1 fax line in your office but want all your people to be able to send faxes. Network Total Fax 8.0 is the answer
  • You have multiple sites dotted around the country, all connected via a WAN (Wide Area Network). You only want 1 central outgoing fax line. Because Network Total Fax server software uses TCP/IP you can send your faxes from anywhere, even though the Network Total Fax server software is on the other side of the planet!
  • You have people working from home for you and you want to give them the ability to send faxes, without having to install fax lines. Using our Fax Server Software solution they can connect over the internet to your fax server and send faxes, using the password and login provided by you.