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Total Fax Screen Shots

Screen Shot 1: This screen shows your Fax manager dash board. This is where you control and manage Total Fax. Easy, Clean, and Simple.

Screen Shot 2: This is the TotalFax send fax menu.

Screen Shot 3: This is the TotalFax fax schedule wizard. Send you fax for immediate delivery or schedule your fax document (s) to be sent at a specific time.

Screen Shot 4: This is the TotalFax phonebook wizard. Import, manage, or export your contacts into Total Fax 8.0 with ease.

Screen Shot 5: This is the TotalFax cover sheet wizard. Use our pre-designed cover sheet(s) or customize your own.

Screen Shot 6: This is the Total Fax 8.0 view fax wizard. View and print fax documents with ease.