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Total Fax Reviews

If you buy a new PC today, itís more than likely that it will come with a built-in modem, because most motherboards are manufactured with one onboard. However there are still a lot of computers out there that donít have this facility. And if youíre not too happy about lifting the lid off your computer, perhaps this latest external model from Trust might be just what youíre looking for.

In fact there are a number of reasons you might need a new modem, it may be your first foray into the global network, or your existing modem may have simply broken down. In any event this Trust 56 K V92 external modem will make an ideal replacement. It's smaller than the usual external models I've seen, at 36mm x 170mm x 125mm, is fully Widows plug & play compliant, so there's no messing about with IRQs etc. and it comes with all the necessary leads to get you started. There's an external power supply, so there's no extra drain on your PC's power unit and the Total Fax software will help you to organise your contacts and of course use your PC as a fax machine. Setup is effortless and the modem works at the documented specifications. What more could you want.

Phil Ericksen PC USA User Group

Faxing from Word has never been so easy with SuperFax. Finally, an add-on for Word automates faxing using any fax program on the market. SuperFax automates faxing and printing hard copies all within Word for Windows. With the included professionally designed fax templates, you can create custom faxes that get results. SuperFax is the bridge between Microsoft Word and your fax software -- making faxing just a button-click away.

PC Transit

In summary, after reviewing all of the major PC Fax Software solutions, I have found the best program to be the one from Total Fax. Total Fax has the best options for the money and offers toll-free tech support. Total Fax also has broadcast sending features and it was the simplest to install and use.

William Doxey Techcom Ltd.

This is a well-designed yet inexpensive faxing program that's easy enough for nearly all audiences. Intuitive interface; solid customer support; inexpensive.

James Penso Expert Reviews

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